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Business area Safety Engineering

Consilium Safety Engineering develops, manufactures and markets safety systems for active firefighting in high-risk environments. Operations are focused on niche markets with high safety requirements and high protection values in the oil and gas, power and offshore industries.

The Safety Engineering business area consists of a number of semi-independent companies all active within engineering and design of systems and products for firefighting, suppression and extinguishing. The business area has a global presence with approximately 40 employees in 4 countries. In the financial year ended 31 December 2018, Consilium Safety Engineering’s net sales amounted to approximately SEK 75 million with 69% of net sales generated outside of Sweden. The companies constituting the business include Firenor AS with its subsidiary Firenor Firefighting Engineering Co Ltd, Fireproducts AS, Consilium Incendium AB and ACAF Systems.


Firenor AS

Firenor AS is an engineering company located in Kristiansand, Norway. Firenor is a leading provider of highly specialized engineering solutions, design and supply of multidiscipline, skid-based firefighting systems and solutions. Its customers are primarily found within the energy, offshore and defense sector. Firenor supplies its customers with turnkey solutions of active firefighting systems ranging from conceptual design work to on-time delivery of pre-tested equipment. Firenor also ensures the integrity of firefighting equipment by performing full flow testing, maintenance of systems and supplying spare parts as needed.



Fireproducts is a product company located in Kristiansand, Norway, that specializes in design and manufacturing of key mechanical firefighting components of high-grade material for the most demanding conditions. The customers mainly operate within the energy, offshore and defense sector.


Consilium Incendium

Consilium Incendium is a fire protection company located in Kungälv, Sweden, specializing in fixed foam and water-based fire extinguishing systems for industrial applications. Its customers are found in various industry segments, primarily within the petrochemical industry. Consilium Incendium works on behalf of consultants, designers, installers and end customers to meet the interests and requirements of both authorities and customers.


ACAF Systems

ACAF Systems is a technology company located in Rhode Island, USA, that has developed a unique solution for efficient application of environmentally friendly, fluorine free firefighting foams. The technology, which is called Automatic Compressed Air Foam, has passed the proof concept stage with the product and technology having received approval in accordance with NFPA standards by Factory Manual (FM) in the US. ACAF is currently marketing its solutions and receiving orders from customers in the US, UAE, Turkey, Philippines and New Zealand.


Other operations

Operations reported as discontinued have undergone major restructuring in recent years. These include, after restructuring, mainly Consilium Middle East with its main operational base in Sharjah, UAE, providing specialized engineering solutions, design and supply of multidiscipline firefighting systems and solutions to customers within oil and gas related industries in the Gulf States, India and Africa.


Other operations also include Optronics Technology AS, a Norwegian development company that develops and manufactures high-end gas detection products for industrial applications within, mainly, the oil and gas industry, marine industry and mining industry. The technology is based on optical solid-state IR solutions and the first products, which are currently under development, are expected to be ready for launch during the second half of 2020.


Other operations have after restructuring more than 90 employees and net sales 2018 amounted to approximately SEK 300 million.