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  • Fire & Gas detection Trains

Sales & Service

Consilium has a worldwide network of subsidiaries and agents in order to provide the best support for our customers.

Rolling Stock Safety

Consilium's modularized solutions offer our customers the most cost efficient solutions for integrated fire protection. The products are installed in all sizes and types of railway vehicles from trams to very high speed trains, proving the system's capability.

Developed for tough environmental conditions
Consilium's products are developed not only according to the standards that apply to trains but also to standards that apply to Marine, Navy and Heavy Industry applications. This ensures that the products can withstand the toughest environmental conditions. They are also fulfilling the very strict requirements of obsolescence management that are similar for all these applications.

The fire protection solutions for railway vehicles are always individual for each end customer, train manufacturer and vehicle type. In such an application it is important that the fire detection and suppression solution is modularized and easy to adapt in order to create a cost efficient solution looking at the total life cycle. By having the possibility to easily integrate suppression and extinguishing solutions with the fire detection system it is possible to create compact solutions with the highest performance. The possibility of also having a built in programmable logic system increases the capability of the system offering controls also of other safety related function on the train.